The Principles of Training

The Path to Clear Communication, Performance and Trust

The Principles of Training Online Course: 12 Key Lessons that build the basis for a relaxed yet responsive horse, and a confident, well-educated handler (you!).

From trusted trail horse to elite level performance horses – this course presents the fundamental principles upon which all successful horse training methods/techniques are based upon. By understanding these principles, you will have an advantage when presented with new training concepts. 

Developed by Warwick and Robyn Schiller based on their video subscription and televised series “The Principles of Training”, this course takes you on an in-depth journey structured in a manner to ensure optimal comprehension and retention. It does so by utilizing carefully thought out videos, workbooks, examples using a variety of horses and riders at different levels and situations, and interactive forums where you can ask questions and get further guidance.

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The Principles of Training

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Who is this course for?

Anyone who is dedicated to becoming the best horseperson they can be! 

Any level of rider working with all levels/ breeds of horse and disciplines will gain valuable insight, knowledge and skills/tools. Especially recommended for those who learn better with written and visual aids in conjunction with video and audio examples.

The world-wide success of Warwick’s program is a testimonial to the amazing potential of the horses we as riders and owners are privileged to work with every day. To uncover a horse’s true personality, communicate with them as opposed to dominate, and become the type of leader they need and desire is a humbling experience. It is also an exhilarating one. We look forward to traveling with you on this journey; as a group of people that support, encourage and inspire on another!

Disclaimer: Horse activities are inherently dangerous and even the best practices do not guarantee your safety.

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– Warwick Schiller Online Horsemanship Studies