The Principles of Training

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Developed by Warwick and Robyn Schiller based on their video subscription and televised series “The Principles of Training”, this course takes you on an in-depth journey structured in a manner to ensure optimal comprehension and retention. It does so by utilizing carefully thought out videos, workbooks and examples using a variety of horses and riders at different levels and situations, and interactive forums where you can ask questions and get further guidance.


What’s Included

  • Most training that you receive teach you a technique or a method.  By learning the principles behind horse training, you will learn the essential background knowledge needed to make any method or technique work to your advantage.  Understanding the principles is one of the biggest breakthroughs anyone can make in their horse training journey (if you are working with a horse, you are a horse trainer).
  • Watch and learn from your computer, tablet or mobile device
  • Lifetime Access
  • Multimedia training including videos, workbooks, audio, PDFs
  • Self-paced modules – you can move from one lesson to another at your pace
  • Discounts for online video library subscribers
  • Content included that is not available anywhere else (for example, workbooks, and bonus videos)
  • Ask questions along the way and get answers from Warwick!

Module Titles

  • Make the Wrong Thing Hard and the Right Thing Easy
  • Don’t Go to Bed Angry
  • Create a Tool Before You Use a Tool
  • Application of Your Aids
  • Do the Opposite
  • Donkey Kong Principle
  • Choose Where You Work and Where You Rest
  • They Need to Know the Answer Before you Ask the Question
  • Isolate, Separate, Recombine
  • Anticipation is Your Best Friend or Your Worst Enemy
  • Change One Thing at a Time
  • Work With the Horse You Have Today

Who’s It For?

Anyone who interacts with a horse!  It doesn’t matter what breed of horse, what discipline you do, how much experience either of you have or outcome you want – what Warwick does is make teaching your horse anything easy!  Warwick, an elite level athlete himself, has helped others at high competitive levels and everywhere in between.  Whether you want to ride competitively or just for fun, you will learn how to have a relaxed and responsive equine partner.

The Principles of Training will help if:

  • You want to have a deeper understanding of how your horse thinks and why he/she does what they do
  • Your horse has any problem (from the obvious like rearing, bolting, bucking, biting to the not so obvious – “his lead changes aren’t very smooth”)
  • You have an unstarted horse.
  • You have a horse that should know better!
  • You want to learn to have a better relationship with your horse
  • You want to have more confidence in your abilities and less fear about messing it up!

The TPOT course is not a substitution for Warwick’s online video library – but an enhancement to it.  This course only covers the Principles of Training and does not give you a step by step plan to progress through – that is what the Online Video Library does.  You can find that from our website at www.warwickschiller.com. 

There is an additional bonus that you will get when you work with your horse, you are also working on yourself.  The most common “side effect” of going through any of  Warwick’s programs is that relationships will improve with everyone, not just your horse!

"What is so great about Warwick is that he gives you the tools you need to have the relationship you want and need with your horses so that YOU can figure out your own way around any training obstacle."
- Chrissy

Frequently Asked Questions

This course is separate from and in addition to the video library.  There are no methods or processes in this course as there are in the video library.  This course is for someone who wants a deeper dive and better understanding of the Principles of Training. 

No, there is a one-time charge for each course – you have lifetime access (which is as long as the website is up)

Yes 100% positive

While we offer hundreds of free Youtube videos – they are mostly to get you to “think” versus trying to teach you something.

We have hundreds of full length training videos available on our video subscription. It will walk you through the process, step by step, in very great detail. https://videos.warwickschiller.com

Warwick also presents at horse expos all over the world and holds worldwide clinics.

There is an avenue on the courses for you to ask questions under COMMENTS.

We also have a couple of Facebook avenues – Warwick Schiller Performance Horsemanship Facebook CLOSED GROUP – where you have to ask to become a member. This is where all the action is.

There is also a Warwick Schiller’s Performance Horsemanship fanpage where we are quite active, but questions are best posed on the group.

Each course is made up of several lessons or modules.  Each lesson uses video, text and sometimes audio to teach the key concepts.  Examples and stories are used throughout the course.

Take a quick site tour here:

Bottom Line

The benefit of online learning is that you have all the information at your fingertips.  While we believe that in person clinics and lessons are complementary to online learning, the content of this course is so dense, that you are likely to learn something new every time you repeat any part of it (which you can do anytime).  You and your horse WILL learn and grow if you put into practice what you learn here.

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